You ever get Deja Vu
Here i am holiday with the wife and its the same as it was 10 years ago and maybe part of the reason why i had the affair

Surrounded by women flashing there tanned bodies of all shapes sizes and ages. I try to ignore because im married
My wife is pretty and has the average 52 year old body and is in a reasonable shape a little ponch for her age that she moans about (but dont they all). She doesnt exersize or really diet and sits in an office all day. Her only exersize is walking the 1.25km to and from the train to home. Me im a chef and am on my feet for 9 hours then go to the gym for 90 to 120 mins 5 days a week and jog bike walk row swim and do a little light weights burning an average of 2000+ cals a seassion. On holiday im walking 3.9km then jogging back a long route 6.8km then swim 1.2km daily to get rid of the alcahol that helps suppress an erection (sometimes). But im a big lad to it sometimes shows.
When we got back together she said she will come to the gym and/walking with me, but hasnts once since we rekindled our relationship slowly years ago and moved back in together in March this year
I/we havent made love since her birthday last October. We (sorry she) gave me a hand job in December and i gave her one in Jan/Feb/Mar/April. She says shes to tired/stressed or not feeling to well
I am patient and caring. How many cold showers and cold swims can i take (this holiday alone so far 12 cold swims and 12 showers). I dont like masterbating and my testicals feel swollen and 1 feels sore. Lying by the pool with these’s half naked ladys is terrible. My back is getting a great tan though :-D
Im getting good though at not getting an erection. I think of politics as its boring and works unless a picture of Hilary Clinton appears for some reason :-/
This i what happened 10 years ago. Was pally with a collegue (manageress)who i kissed while tipsy at a staff party, we discussed it afterwards and agreed it would never happen or be talked about again

Anyway after that holiday (the same as this holiday deja vu) i went ro work and she said there was something for me in the office, so i followed her. She told me to close the door. I did and when i turned around she was next to me and said ” i know we agreed not to discuss our “kiss” but i have missed you and remember your “cock pressing against me” then proceed to lift up her blouse and bra letting her firm 40 dd breasts sit right in front of me. Speachless, this is the thing you read/see in porn mags or vids when you were 18. She quickly put them away and said “i dont know why i did that i just had a sudden urge because i missed you for some reason” My reply was “i think we need to talk after work”. So we agreed to go for a walk after work and discuss this.
So we did……

To be continued….

We’re do i start

Just wanted to start my blog
But deciding what on who on about what
So here i am on my 1st holiday in 8 years with my wife
Its been a long 8 years. To start we can go back 10 years….
The story starts with a love, a career, an affair (or 3), alcohol and just being human
Im not saying im inoccent hell no. Im probly 98% to blame
Hope fully this blog will help ease my concious (must get a dictionary)