So after the Episode

After spending 2 weeks with the wife on holiday. Putting on a brave face on my personal torment of being lost and no idea where to go from here

I shrugged it off as an episode of just being stupid just shrug it off and i will be fine came to mind

Anyway 1st day back to works looms and i trudge down the same old weary road to get the old faithful 7.56 queen margret to edinburgh train. At this point i feel lonely lost and just couldnt give a fuck anymore. So im standing there on the platform 2 feet from the edge and my thought go blank/numb the train comes closer and closer i can feel the rumbleof the tracks as it vibrates the platform . For some unknown reason i stretch oht my right arm behind me and grab the lamp post .

The train rumbles to a halt everyone starts to board. I stand there twlling myself not to be fucking stupid and get on the train. I will be ok when i get there its just the holiday blues kicking in. I spend the next 39 minute to saying to myself snap out of it you’ll be fine in a couple of days


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